Our Favorites List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 2018

We love helping our friend and clients and we teach them some interesting and useful windows keyboard shortcuts 2018 that make working just a bit faster and enjoyable. Here is a list of some of our favorites for windows. In the future we will cover Microsoft apps and Internet browsing:

Windows Key + R: Opens the Run menu.

Windows Key + E: Opens File Explorer.

Alt + Tab: Switch between open programs.

Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize current window.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager.

Windows Key + Break: Opens system properties.

Windows Key + F: Opens search for files and folders.

Windows Key + D: Hide/display the desktop.

Alt + Esc: Switch between programs in order they were opened.

Alt + Letter: Select menu item by underlined letter.

Ctrl + Esc: Open Start menu.

Ctrl + F4: Close active document (does not work with some applications).

Alt + F4: Quit active application or close current window.

Alt + Spacebar: Open menu for active program.

Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow: Move cursor forward or back one word.

Ctrl + Up or Down Arrow: Move cursor forward or back one paragraph.

F1: Open Help menu for active application.

Windows Key + M: Minimize all windows.

Shift + Windows Key + M: Restore windows that were minimized with previous keystroke.

Windows + F1: Open Windows Help and Support.

Windows + Tab: Open Task view.

Windows + Break: Open the System Properties dialog box.

Hold Right SHIFT key for eight seconds: Switch FilterKeys on and off.

Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen: Switch High Contrast on and off.

Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock: Switch Mouse keys on and off.

we are happy to spend a lot of time helping our friends and clients become more computer savvy. If you get stumped or need a hand with any concern please  feel free to give us a call.